• 28 December afternoon in 2011 in snooker semi-finals Tour Ding Junhui and Chen Feilong in between the start. The results, Ding Junhui to win the two Councils prior good situation, the final 3 to 4 lost Chen Feilong, an early goodbye to the tournament. After the match, Ding Junhui is very calm, he admitted that he is not a pity to lose, after all, the opponent’s in better shape. Before the game, Ding Junhui for a skin head, much affected his play.

    In Tour history, Chen Feilong is the first of two consecutive victory over Ding Junhui domestic players, this year’s finals was the third time They meet. Although Chen Feilong is not known, but because Ding Junhui wins the outside world is also a joke, he was a little taste of Hui nemesis.

    Post-match press conference, Ding looked very calm, “no pressure game, winning and losing can be accepted. Opponents of today’s state better, attacking defense played well, very comprehensive, so I opponent good fight. ”

    When a reporter asked about the game and domestic players, how it feels, Ding said, “and the meaning of the domestic players than nothing, certainly everyone’s goal or foreign players. To evaluate the domestic players, or allow them to go abroad for some time on the mix, the know how the level. ”

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