• Bugatti Veyron has been with amazing speed and high price known sports car world. With the newest Italian sports car Lamborghini advent of German Bugatti Veyron is facing a strong competitor. Sesto Elemento new Lamborghini sports car priced at 1.77 million pounds, higher than the Bugatti Veyron super sports car £ 170,000 . The failure to meet the lighting and safety requirements, Sesto Elemento not driving fast on the streets in the UK.

    A car fans, said: “Because the road is not a road legal sports car that, no matter with what kind of performance, all people are greatly disappointed.” In 2010 in Paris Motor Show, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento to identity concept car debut. Now, this limited edition sports car is about to put into production. Sesto Elemento using rich revolutionary design, the chassis is almost entirely carbon fiber material. Atomic number for carbon, carbon has also been called “the sixth element.”

    Sesto Elemento top speed of over 200 miles, speed from zero to 62 miles less than 2.5 seconds. British “Autocar” magazine said: “Sesto Elemento is a fantastic high-tech sports car, the cost staggering, but the Lamborghini is clearly not interested in the issue of price.” Despite a very high speed, this super sports car can not be driven on the road in the UK, Lamborghini need to bypass the legal road necessary for the normal measurement procedure, making it the ultimate toy millionaires.

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